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Givex and Tyro Payments announce an affordable integrated EFTPOS for Australian SMEs.

25 July 2013 (Sydney, Australia) - Tyro Payments, Australia’s independent EFTPOS provider and Givex, the global technology company behind Vexilor POS have joined forces to offer Australian businesses access to low cost Integrated EFTPOS.Traditionally only available through a costly combination of bank and third-party middleware providers, the Givex-Tyro partnership makes Integrated EFTPOS finally a cost effective, affordable reality for Australian SMEs. 
Businesses using Vexilor POS and Tyro EFTPOS will now no longer need to enter payment amounts, with sale totals wirelessly transmitted from the payment screen of the POS to the Tyro EFTPOS terminal. Unlike other complex,dial-up bank integration solutions, no serial cables are required between the EFTPOS terminal and POS. Multiple Vexilor POS workstations can also be connected to the one Tyro EFTPOS device, with no lag or loss in speed. In addition, Tyro’s fast broadband and Wi-Fi EFTPOS solutions means transactions are processed at lightning speed, reducing lost sales and down time for Vexilor users.
Vexilor is a cost-effective POS System that gives businesses the power to run and manage their business on an easy-to-use tablet connected to the Givex Cloud. Managers can remotely receive up-to-date sales, productivity and operational data.  New releases and free enhancements are scheduled throughout the year. Best of all, because of Vexilor’s cloud-based model, businesses will not need hardware or software upgrades to make use of them. With Vexilor, merchants can count on the fact that they will always be on the cusp of the latest technology, and can access Givex’s fully integrated loyalty program and market leading gift card functionality. 
Through other POS partnerships,Tyro already processes Integrated EFTPOS transactions for around 8000 Australian businesses. Tyro is dedicated to bringing ‘big end of town’ technology to Australian SMEs they see as being overcharged and underserved by the main banks and their integration partners. Tyro now processes more than $4b transactions p.a. on behalf of Australian merchants.
“We’re very excited to be working with Tyro,” says Larry Samuels, Managing Director, ASEA, Givex. “Many SMEs are looking for a full featured POS and EFTPOS solution that’s both tailored to their needs and cost-effective. They also get access to Givex’s fully integrated loyalty program and gift card functionality. We believe that our solution delivers on all these levels and look forward to helping our mutual clients grow their businesses.”  
Businesses using Vexilor that are already using EFTPOS with another bank will not need to pay a set-up or establishment fee on switching to Tyro. There is also no cancellation fee, or lock in contract. Tyro offers low merchant service fees, a terminal ownership plan, no stationery fees and no need for a dial-up phone line. Tyro deposits funds into its customer’s nominated bank accounts on the nextbanking day and does not debit its fees until the end of the month.
About Givex
Givex is a technology company offering clients a global reach with cost-effective gift card, omni-channel loyalty, analytics and cloud-based POS solutions. Our core distinction is taking on the tough task of managing all aspects of the transaction to ensure companies can deliver maximum customer satisfaction. Givex products and services give you insight into your data to enable you to better drive sales growth, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning.
About Tyro Payments
Australia’s EFTPOS innovation institution and is the first new entrant into the EFTPOS business in more than 14 years. Tyro holds an authority under the Banking Act to carry on a banking business as a Specialist Credit Card Institution (SCCI) and operates under the supervision of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). Under this authority Tyro provides credit, debit, EFTPOS, gift and loyalty card acquiring and Medicare claiming and rebating services, but may not take money on deposit. 
Tyro’s transparent payment solutions are uniquely merchant focused, enabling reduced fees, greater productivity, better cost management and a superior payment experience for consumers. 
Tyro is a wholly Australian-owned company. The company has been fully funded by the Executives, Directors, independent and strategic investors.

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