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Vexilor POS

Your Point of Sale should be more than just a cash register

Vexilor Cloud-Based POS Helps Businesses in 3 Key Ways:

Operational Efficiencies
Vexilor’s proprietary design and pro features such as multi-unit support, built-in time management and linear workflows are designed specifically for your industry to make operations more efficient. Vexilor is customizable and features always free hardware and software upgrades.
Embedded Marketing
Vexilor is embedded with Givex’s industry-leading suite of marketing tools used by over 165,000 users around the globe. Omni-channel gift cards, loyalty programs, promotions and surveys work to seamlessly maximize every customer transaction.
Actionable Data
Vexilor's built-in Enterprise Resource Planning tools come with over 225+ features all available in real-time and tie together every facet of your business. You’ll have 360 degree visibility at store, regional or enterprise level, helping you make insightful business decisions.

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Is your POS holding you back from reaching your full potential?

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Vexilor Comes Packed with Professional Features

Vexilor POS Layout

Givex Analytics provide a powerful analytic reporting suite with multi-dimensional charts, graphs and reports to help businesses gain a deeper understanding of their sales patterns, operational activities and customers.
Employee Gamification
Games and contests encourage staff to up-sell, sell specific items, or increase their items per ticket driving sales for businesses. Vexilor automatically tracks each sale of contest items and allows employees to compare their standings- all in real-time.
Free Upgrades
Vexilor includes always free hardware and software upgrades, and is updated 4 times a year, continuously adding new features and hardware at no additional cost.
Multi-Store Inventory
360 Degree view of inventory at store and enterprise levels. Allows you to take stock, transfer, and adjust inventory levels at each location. Track received, prepared and sold goods, build recipes or bill of materials within your items, and automate purchase orders based on thresholds.
Multi-Unit Support
Vexilor is built to scale with your business. As an Enterprise Wide solution, businesses can view reports, manage inventory, time schedules, pricing, promotional settings and different menus across the enterprise or multiple locations by brand, franchisee group, or even by store and department.
Table Layouts
See the entire restaurant at a glance. Staff can easily see table availability, merge tables, switch table numbers, see which tables have been opened the longest and which tables are currently processing payments- all in real-time.
Time Management
Vexilor features robust time management functions including clocking, scheduling and push to accounting payroll capabilities. Vexilor provides analytics on employee labour costs against sales in real-time to determine if too many people are staffed or not enough.
Multiple Options

Vexilor is custom designed for many specific point of sale verticals

Vexilor For BLAH

  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Quick Service
  • Retail
  • Concessions
  • Delivery
  • More...

Hardware and Software
Designed Together

Vexilor features multiple custom tablets designed to best suit your business needs. The system is updated continuously with free software and hardware upgrades.

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24/7 Support and Security. 365 Days a Year


  • Certified PCI/DSS Compliant. Vexilor works with world-class payment processors to process payments through a secure payment terminal.
  • For enhanced payment security, no sensitive credit card information passes through the Vexilor POS system. We send 3 pieces of information to the terminal (bill number, amount and operator ID) and it returns another 3 pieces of data (payment method, authorization number and amount).
  • EMV Compliant to meet the latest regulatory requirements.
  • 10 Global Data Centers world-wide, providing 100% redundancy
  • Secure Data: information is stored externally from the tablets, on Vexilor’s Vhub and in the cloud.



  • 24/7/365 multilingual Client Services Support team is available across all time zones.
  • Live monitoring by our Client Services team for all stores running Vexilor, we will call you if your system looks like it’s offline!
  • Become a Vexpert in no time, with our project managers’ comprehensive training.99.5% guaranteed uptime


Learn more about how Vexilor can help your business unleash its full potential

Single Unit

“All the power of an enterprise in your store”

  • Simple system set up
  • Easy to scale & grow with your business
  • Embedded Marketing Tools

“Seriously scaling to assist and optimize your growth”

  • Analytics-based snapshot of all locations
  • Easily manage and deploy changes across all stores
  • Moderated access-control for managers and staff

“Supporting your operations around the world”

  • Dynamic currency conversion across the system
  • Interface adjusts across multiple languages
  • Data redundancy with Givex Cloud Infrastructure
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